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Hi there! Welcome to 3 moons!

My name is Jessica Reitz, I’m a half-German half-Portuguese videographer and photographer, founder of  3 Moons productions. 

I picked up photography at the age of 11, inspired by my mom’s passion. I fell in love with it as photography has the power to capture time and make a moment last forever. I discovered videography later in life which provided me with a set of skills that not only allows me to capture memories but enables me to relive them, too.

I grew up moving around the world which made me the adventurer that I am today, very curious and open-minded. I can never stay in one place, one of the reasons why I love what I do : always on the move working on diverse projects!  

After graduating with a professional degree in Photography, I decided to extend my expertise and studied Cinematography and Television Production. Following that, I worked in the movie industry in Canada for several years until I decided it was finally time to start my own adventure and... well here we are!

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